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About Us

About Us


Here at Vesta Software, LLC we have been making apps for iPhones and iPads for the last 2+ years. Here is a link to our software site. Now we are excited to start delivering our newest product - Data Buddies!

Data Buddies is a collection of the most adorable USB Flash drives in the world! There are lots of custom USB drives out there with plastic or other types of characters on them, but none like Data Buddies. This is because each character starts life as a wonderfully hand made finger puppet from Peru. These characters are made by the Rurapuk Mothers and the Machu Picchu Stars, two groups of disadvantaged women working for a "Fair Trade" wage by creating these wonderful characters.

A portion of every purchase of Data Buddies goes towards helping the hot lunch program in Peru. This program provides a hot meal to impoverished school children 5 days a week. In some cases, this is the only meal they get each day. So by getting yourself one of the most adorable USB drives, you are also helping school children get a healthy meal. Here is more information about the lunch program.

Each drive is then hand assembled in Virginia and placed in a wonderful gift bag with their own "Birth Certificate"!

We use quality 4GB USB Drives from Super Talent - The Super Talent DG 4GB Drives - to make sure your DataBuddy never forgets your data!